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Rent a boat in Nidri – Lefkada

No license needed – just 10 minutes from Skorpios and Meganisi islands!

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Choose among 8 motorboats & book it!
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On your day on Board

We start at 9:00 but you can come until 12:00. Let’s go through the procedure:

  1. Filling in paperwork (ID or passport required)
  2. Map explanation (where to go, what to see, where to eat, etc)
  3. Mandatory 15-20 minutes training on how to handle the boat
  4. Off you go!

Perigiali boat rent

Enjoy your Adventure

Our goal is for you to enjoy your day on board in the safest way possible.
Throughout your day on your boat, a certified mechanic will be on spot, in order to reassure you will have any assistance necessary.

All boats have to be back by 18:30.

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Trust us with your family's safety

  • mandatory 15-20 minutes training before your departure
  • 35-year experience in outboard engines
  • almost 10-year experience in rental business
  • highly experienced with families
  • certified engineer always on spot

1. Choose your Motorboat

Choose among 8 boats and cruise around Skorpios and Meganisi.

No license required

2. Design your Trip

Welcome on board! Since you’ve chosen your boat,
it’s time to set sail to the great Ionian Sea.
Here’s where to!


Skorpios island

Just 10 minutes from our spot on the beach, lies Skorpios island, about 3km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. Skorpios is mainly known as the private island of the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis. It was ...


Spartochori - Meganisi island

The village of Spartochori lies around its namesake natural port, 6.5 km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. It consists of stone-built cottages and traditional taverns untouched by the developments of the century...


Sparti island

Sparti is an uninhabited island, right next to Skorpios, about 3km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. It was purchased by Aristotle Onassis in order to turn it into a second Skorpios for his beloved son, Alexander. However, Alexander was ...


Barbarezou beach or Cape Akoni

Barbarezou beach is located on the eastern side of Meganisi island, about 6km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. Also known as Cape Akoni...


Agrilia beach

Agrilia beach lies on the west coast of Meganisi island, about 6km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. A haven for wading birds and other wildlife, and natural springs, Agrilia beach provides...


Vathi - Meganisi island

Meganisi is a Greek island and municipality immediately to the east-southeast of the island of Lefkada. The island has ...


Fanari beach

Fanari beach is located on the northeast corner on Meganisi island, about 8km from Nydri port, Lefkada island....


Papanicolis Cave

It is an impressive water cave, 120 meters long, 60 m. wide and inside the cave there is a small sandy beach. According to the ...


Limonari beach

Limonari beach is located on the east side of Meganisi island, about 8km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. A clean and sandy beach, preferred by many...