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Skorpios island

Just 10 minutes from our spot on the beach, lies Skorpios island, about 3km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. Skorpios is mainly known as the private island of the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis. It was the site of his wedding to former United States First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on October 20, 1968. Upon his death it passed to his daughter Christina, and then in turn to her daughter Athina Onassis Roussel, the only surviving heir.

In April 2013 through her trust, Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the 24 year-old daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev, bought a group of companies from the 28 year-old Greek heiress Athina Onassis Roussel. The assets included a long term lease to the Greek island of Skorpios and its smaller islet, Sparti. Beginning in October 2018 and with a completion date of 2020, Rybolovleva began developing a 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft) luxury resort on Skorpios for a total investment estimated at €184 million. The island is a Natura with no more than 5% of its area to be developed.

Source: Wikipedia

Sparti island

Sparti is an uninhabited island, right next to Skorpios, across the village of Perigiali, about 3km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. Since the Ottoman Empire, it belonged to a French family who sold it just before 20th century to two Greek families. A century later, Sparti was sold to Aristotle Onassis, in order to turn it into a second Skorpios for his beloved son, Alexander. However, Alexander was killed in an accident with his helicopter, which marked the beginning of Aristotle’s end. For years, Sparti was abandoned, covered with olive trees and the foundations of the buildings that were supposed to be built. It is also owned by Ekaterina Rybolovleva and rumour has it that after the investment in Skorpios, it will be Sparti’s turn for a luxurious makeover.


skorpios island
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Meganisi is a Greek island and municipality immediately to the east-southeast of the island of Lefkada. The village of Spartochori lies around its namesake natural port, 6.5 km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. It consists of stone-built cottages and traditional taverns untouched by the developments of the century. The high-cliff village, along with the deep blue bay presents a stunning panoramic view.

With its lush green pine forests, Spartochori is an ideal place for trekking. You can climb up the hill from the bay to reach Spartochori village. The steps provided make the walking easier and the journey takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The village is colorful with whitewashed houses and courtyards filled with potted plants. It has got a couple of markets and shops where you can get the locally produced agricultural products. The taverns offer you a delicious menu, mainly the fresh fish caught in the bay.


Agrilia beach

Agrilia beach lies on the west coast of Meganisi island, about 6km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. A haven for wading birds and other wildlife, and natural springs, Agrilia beach provides visitors with a verdant landscape.

 Il Paradiso is close by for a lovely traditional meal set within olive trees by the coast. You can also head to Agios Ioannis Church and follow the coast road, you will find it shortly on your right hand side.

There are some sandy patches a little further out in the sea which cause the pale turqouise colour; the darker shades are beds of sea weed.


boat rental Nidri
boat rental Nidri

Vathi – Meganisi island

Vathi is one of the main villages in Meganisi. It is located on the northeast coast of the island, at the end of an inlet. Vathi hosts a charming harbour with deep blue waters where fishing and sailing activities are conducted safely.

The quay filled with a large number of boats during the summer season presents a captivating panoramic view of the village. The village is quite picturesque with a maze of whitewashed houses and alleys and there are a few churches facing the sea. There are a number of taverns and restaurants offering delicious local food.

The locals in the village are involved in agricultural activities with a vast area of olive groves to cultivate. People are also involved in livestock farming, while sheep and goat milk are widely used in the island. Here you can see the remains of windmills, just the round stone built body that stand proudly on the hilltops and capes.


Fanari beach

Fanari beach is located on the northeast corner on Meganisi island, about 8km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. It is a beautiful peebly beach with crystal transparent waters, surrounded by pure and lush greenery. The view is picturesque and beautiful, since the beach is quite isolated and reachable only by boat. For those in need of a refreshing beverage, there is a small cantina on the beach.


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Cape Akoni boat rental Nidri

Barbarezou beach or Cape Akoni

Barbarezou beach is located on the eastern side of Meganisi island, about 6km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. Also known as Cape Akoni, it is a pebbled beach, surrounded by crystal blue water. Barbarezou beach is secluded, ideal for a quiet and peaceful day.

Limonari beach

Limonari beach is located on the east side of Meganisi island, about 10km from Nydri port, Lefkada island. A clean and sandy beach, preferred by many, since its secluded location ensures a day of serenity and fun.

Limonari beach boat rental Nidri
Papanikolis Caves

Papanicolis Cave

It is an impressive water cave, 120 meters long, 60 m. wide and inside the cave there is a small sandy beach. According to the local myth, it was named after “Papanikolis”, the homonymous submarine that used to hide in the cave during the 2nd world war. Visitors can reach the cave only by boat.