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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a motor boat hire in Nidri to Meganisi and Skorpios? Here’s what you need to know!

Should I have a license of any kind to hire a motor boat?

No, a license is not required for our boats. According to Greek law, if you wish to drive a motorboat up to 30HP you may do so without a license or prior verified experience.

Do I have to have prior experience?

No, it may as well be your first time on board. We have accommodated people that have never even saw the sea before, and they were proven extremely good captains.

We are a family with children and we want to rent a boat for a day from Lefkada. What should be careful of when renting a boat?

First of all, before renting, check the boat. If an owner is sure about the quality of his boats, there should be no problem if you ask to check the bottom of the boat. And if you want to take your children out at sea, at least be sure that your boat doesn’t have any damages that might put you and your family in danger. Also, while it is not necessary for adults to wear the lifejackets that you have on board, children should. Please notify us for the number of children you want to accommodate aboard, so we are prepared to provide the right size of lifejackets for your family.

What should I be afraid of when hiring a motorboat to Meganisi and Skorpios?

If you follow our carefully gathered instructions, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We have been working mainly with families, so we take safety extremely seriously. Respect for your crew and your boat is always necessary.

My hotel is on Vasiliki/Lefkada/ Kathisma/ Sivota/Nikiana. Why should I come to you and not rent a motorboat/ speedboat near me?

Because boats do not burn fuel at the same rate that cars do. They actually spend more. By choosing us, your starting point is right across your destination, thus spending way less fuel. While we are just 10 minutes away from Skorpios island, the same distance from any other place would be around 25-80 minutes, given that the weather is good.

Do I just take my hired boat from Perigiali beach and leave?

No, not even if you want to. No matter how experienced you are, we are required to give all our clients the same instructions and guidance. Firstly, we will fill in some papers in order to ensure everything is according to Greek law. Then, we will give you some useful tips on where to go/ eat/ swim, etc. Afterwards, a trained member of our staff will show you everything you need to know about the boat; how to drive/ stop/ park it, use the anchor, etc. You are welcome to check the entire boat, to be sure it is in pristine condition. During your day as a captain, you are welcome to contact us for any trouble you may have – there is phone reception everywhere.

What happens if I have a question or a problem with the boat?

While we try hard so as you have no problem, our policy is there is no such thing as too much safety. During your day as a captain, you are welcome to contact us for any question or hesitation you may have – there is reception everywhere, since it is extremely close to Lefkada island. Our phone number is everywhere on the boat – front, back, sides- because if your loved ones are on board, you want them to be safe and not look for where that number that you need to call is. If we cannot solve your question over the phone, we have a boat we do not rent in order to come to you.

I lost a lifejacket/other kind of nautical equipment. What happens then?

One of the first things we will show you on board is where the nautical equipment is. In order to protect them from salt water and sun damage, we have placed them in extremely visible compartments. For safety and trust issues, after showing them to you and how to use them, both the business and the client will sign a legal binding agreement, stating that the client is solely responsible for the boat and the entireequipment on it. In case of damage, the client is required to pay for the reimbursement, as it beforehand agreed and presented to him.

Is fuel included in the price?

No, fuel is not included in the price. And if you hear this offer someplace else, we strongly advise you to check how full the tank is before your departure; probably, it will not be so full. In order to be transparent, before your departure, we will show you that both the main tank and the reserve are full. When you return, we will charge you 1,80 euros per litre of what you spent.

I want to make a reservation, but what happens if there is rain/extreme winds?

When a customer informs us about the preferred reservation date, we check about the weather and inform him/her on the spot about the weather forecast. In case the prognosis is rain/extreme winds, we discourage our customers, especially if they have no experiences. If the reservation is made weeks or months ahead, we check the weather at least two days before the preferred date and inform the customer accordingly, so both parties can plan something else – either reimburse the money or make a reservation for another day. The same applies if there is unexpected rain/extreme winds the morning before your departure.

Do I have to bring my own drinks or can I buy it from you?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with drinks or food, as we are not allowed to. Right next to our spot on the beach there are two hotel cafeterias, so you can get that morning coffee or some bottles of water for your day on board. You should have in mind that any kind of alcohol is not allowed on board and you will be given a fine from the Greek coastal guard upon routine checks. However, please note that there are supermarkets, mini markets, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. on Meganisiisland, one of your main destinations, so you do not have to overpack.

What do I need to bring with me?

Captain’s passport or ID or even a driving license should be enough. But we need to see the original document, not a copy. We will make a copy of this document and ask for your signature, in order to prove that you willingly provide this to us and that our boat is rented by you for the day, if Greek coastal guard comes in for a routine check. Other than that, it would be wise to bring lots of water and sunscreen, but still, there are places you can buy anything you want on Meganisi island.

How far can I travel when I hire a boat from Perigiali beach?

When renting a boat, both parties will sign an agreement stating that the renter is able to travel only within a certain distance from the starting point. This area is limited to Skorpios, Sparti and Meganisi islands, meaning that the renter can go the full round of them and of course stop at safe distance from any beach or port within this area.

I have heard of Egremnoi and Porto Katsiki beaches, can I hire a boat to get there?

These beaches are located on the west part of Lefkas island while we are on the right side. Not only you will need to spend way too much fuel but also there are constant strong winds towards this side. So, if you need to visit these beaches, you should do so either by car or with a bigger horsepower engine. The maximum 30 HP that we offer is not nearly enough to what you would need in order to cope with the waves and the winds.

Can you tell me how much fuel will I need for a whole day?

Our estimation can derive from what we have spent for the same distances and the average of what former clients have spent. However, our estimation cannot be accurate, since fuel consumption depends on weather, the weight on people on board, how fast you are going, etc. So, since we cannot be with you during your trip, we are unable to know what your consumption will be. But, in order to be sure that you will get your money’s worth, before your departure, you are more than welcome to check that both the main tank and the reserve are full. The rest is up to you.