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May 5, 2020

Questions during Covid-19 pandemic

5th May 2020, Lefkada, Greece

Since the Covid-19 outbreak early in March, we have paused all tasks for which physical presence and contact are required. Since then, we are limited in communicating with our clients, proceeding solely with our online channels, answering questions to the extent that we are able to do so.

  • When do we open? We would like to inform our dear friends and customers that the Ministry of Shipping and Islands Policy sent on Tuesday, March 31, a circular to all port authorities throughout the country informing about the ban that would be in effect since March 23, according to which activities such as swimming, fishing and water-sports are prohibited. So far, we are informed this ban will apply until May 20, and we are hopeful that no further quarantine measures would be imposed.
  • When will hotels be opened? Hotels will be opened within June, but a specific date is not given yet, since experts are trying to figure out a protocol which will ensure that both visitors and personnel will be safe.
  • When can tourists enter Greece? The most famous way to travel to or within Greece is by airplane and ship, and both sectors need to provide solutions to a variety of problems, such as the number of passengers, what kind of certificates of health would be required, how will they be protected, etc. It’s a highly complicated and sensitive matter and until further instructions are released, we can only make assumptions. However, driving to Greece has become yet another famous way to travel, and under those circumstances, a quite safe one, so we will not be surprised to see a rise in those numbers.
  • What measures will Greece take to protect tourists? So far, Greece has handle Covid-19 crisis successfully. Since its start late in February, Greek government dared to take extremely strict measures way too early, which resulted in mourning significant less loss than other countries- 146 deaths until now. While total quarantine measures seized yesterday, only 10% of Greek commerce restarted and officials openly warn us that if there’s an increase on Covid-19 cases, we will return to total quarantine. Truly, Greek officials have not hesitated to take extremely harsh measures in order to protect us and we are reassured that there is no limit they will not cross to save as many lives as possible. We are confident that our government has understood the importance of this pandemic and that they will come up with the solutions required in order to restart our economy.

We will keep you informed, trying to answer any questions we can. We are sailing through unknown waters but that’s what good captains are made for!

Luckily, we had started preparing for summer 2020 since early February, so when we are signaled to start, we will do so with the same level of professionalism that you know we offer. Until then, we hope you and your loved ones remain safe.


From our family to yours,

The Ionion Marine Team

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