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May 17, 2020

Visiting Lefkada; when & how will it be possible?

As vowed in the previous post, we would like to use this space in order to keep you updated in what’s the situation like in Greece.

Has Greece exited the quarantine measures? Since May 4th, locals in Greece were enabled to move within the county of their residence and as of May 18th moving within the mainland will be made possible. Greek officials informed us that until May 31st citizens of non-european countries are prohibited from entering Greece. On June 1st, flights from Italy, Spain, Holland and United Kingdom will restart operating to and from Greece.

Is Lefkada open for visitors? So far, government officials have informed us Lefkada will be open for visitors after May 25th. Since Lefkada is so close to the mainland of Greece and is proud to have a brand new hospital, it was rumored that entering Lefkada would be made possible on May 18th, as the rest of the mainland of Greece. However, it was deemed necessary to protect the local population from an early overcrowding, due to the heat wave Greece is currently going through.

Why choose Greece? Throughout years, Greece is a major touristic destination, with numerous beautiful islands, while recently alternative tourism has gained more and more ground. To this hopeful progress, this year poses yet another advantage; Greece is proven one of the safest heavens you can travel to in 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis. Accessible by any means of transportation and full of natural beauties, it is guaranteed that you will find many ideal destinations by travelling within just one country.

Why choose Lefkada? Home of one of world’s top beaches, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada island offers its multiple beauties to visitors. Specifically:

      No ferry tickets: Due to its proximity to the mainland of Greece and their connection through a bridge, Lefkada island is approachable by car, thus eliminating the extra cost of ferry tickets. Another benefit of this is being able to exiting and entering Lefkada as you wish, enjoying sightseeings on the nearby mainland of Greece.

     Less possibilities for overcrowding: Home of more than 100 beaches, in Lefkada there’s a safe spot for you. Even during August, when the island is “flooded” with tourists, you can join us and travel to a secluded beach on Meganisi island and enjoy your vacation without worrying about Covid-19 contraction.

     Beautiful secluded islands just 10 minutes away: Worried about travelling costs? No worries! Renting a boat with us will cost you as little as 40 euros, and cruising from our spot on Perigiali beach to Meganisi island will take you about 15 minutes. Whether you are interested in a family boat, a motorboat suitable for a couple, a fishing boat, etc. we are here to accommodate your needs. For inexperienced captains, there should be no problem; most of our clients have no prior experience and no driving license for a boat.

Until we can meet again, please remain safe, be patient and make plans for your trip to Lefkada island, Greece.

With regards,

The Ionion Marine Team

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